1.1 I am an Online Business Entrepreneur with all the passion and love new born in mid-2017 in Ha Noi Viet Nam. My website is TUNGBOBO.COM and this is also the personal brand name and business store I like. (You will call me TungBOBO) .. Because I have named a specialty fruit of Vietnam is BOBO to brand. And I feel that's a great thing.

1.2 These Terms and Conditions apply to the products sold at https://tungbobo.com. By agreeing to place an order, you have been bound by this Terms and Conditions.

1.3 These Terms and Conditions are owned by us. Any use by a third party, whether an excerpt, is forbidden for the purpose of commercial exchange of goods and / or services. Violations will be dealt with according to law.


2.1 In these Terms and Conditions: a) "Account" means the account that you need to log in to our website if you wish to make a purchase;

b) "Viet Nam and Asia Hour" 24/24.

c) "Customer" or "Customer" means any individual who orders on the TUNGBOBO.COM Web Site

d) "Order" means the order placed by you on the Website to purchase products from us;"Notice" means TungBOBO's email sent to you to notify us that you have received your Order;


To purchase at TUNGBOBO.COM, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid bank or debit card issued by a bank that we accept.


You should not misuse the site. We do not agree or encourage criminal offenses, transmit or distribute viruses including, but not limited to, trojans, worms, bomb logs or other material posted to the Web site that may be dangerous. systems engineering; or otherwise infringe confidential information or any manner that is offensive or obscene; or attempt to hack into any of the Services; damage the database; affects any user; infringe upon the legitimate rights of any individual; send any video or promotional material; or intend to interfere with the performance or functionality of any computer equipment accessed through the Website. Any violation of this provision shall be considered a criminal offense under the 1999 Penal Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Articles 224, 225 and 226 of the Criminal Code 1999). In the event of a violation, TungBOBO will report such violation to the relevant law enforcement authorities and take appropriate legal action.


A)These Terms and Conditions apply to all Orders and Contracts which have been or will be made by us for the sale and supply of the Products. These Terms & Conditions form the entire agreement between TungBOBO and Customer and supersede any and all agreements existing and existing at the same time between TungBOBO and Customer. Any term canceled in this Terms and Conditions will be valid only if it is in writing and signed by the authorized person of TungBOBO.

B)When you submit an Order to us, providing us with information for delivery or receipt, this does not constitute your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. None of the Terms and Conditions herein affect your legal rights (including the right to require goods purchased from the business to be consistent with its description, in accordance with its intended use and quality. satisfactory quantity).


A) Registration

- When ordering, you must create a personal account on the Web site, and you must follow the instructions on the Ordering Web page and make changes to the Next Orders before submitting to the Web site. . You also have the obligation to update your information regularly by notifying us of any changes, using the relevant sections of the Website.

-You may not misuse the site by creating multiple accounts.

-The order is only accepted by you when the order is being delivered to the delivery address you provide.

-When you place an order on the Website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions at the time of placing your order. You are responsible for reviewing the most recent Terms and Conditions at each order.

B) Price and Method of payment

-Although we do our best to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices displayed on the Site are accurate, we will occasionally be in error. If we find out the price of any product that you have ordered we will notify you as soon as possible and send to the Customer selected to confirm the Order with the price. accurate or cancel the Order. If we can not contact you, we will automatically cancel your order. If you cancel the order before we ship to you, and you have paid for the previous order, we will refund the money paid to you.

-You can pay by selecting the payment partners listed on our homepage or pay when you receive the goods. At the same time you can pay all or part of your order using an e-gift card, or an electronic wallet or coupon.

C)Order the wrong item

If you realize that you made a mistake with your Order after sending the Order to the Website, please contact anhtungkinhdoanh@gmail.com immediately. We will do our best to fulfill your request.

D)Decline Order

- We have reclaimed any Product on the Site at any time and / or removed or edited any material or content on the Website. We will try to always be able to fulfill all orders, but there may be exceptions where we need to refuse to process the Order once we have sent the Order Confirmation, and at the same time It is also our right to do so at any time, at our sole discretion.

- In the event that we cancel the Order and you pay for your Order, we will refund all the money you have paid us.