Chopard celebrates the 25th anniversary of the BST watch Happy Sport

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At Baselworld 2018, Swiss watchmaking and jewelery maker in 1860 announced the 25th anniversary of the 'Happy Sport' collection. "Diamonds are happier when they are free," Karin Scheufele, who joined the Chopin family in 1963, explained to her husband the idea of ​​the "Happy Diamonds" collection. In 1976, Happy Diamonds was born and resounded with free diamonds moving between the sapphire sapphire (glass cover and dial). Fifteen years later, Caroline Scheufele, co-president and art director of Chopard, came up with the idea of ​​combining noble diamonds with a common metal like steel, bringing breakthroughs in the art of making accessory pages. strength. Sophisticated, but healthy, cheerful and modern, Happy Sport carries "aesthetic code" but still guarantees the femininity needed. Walking with a moving world, changing styles and new breakthroughs, Happy Sport is a declaration of freedom and feminism. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, Chopard launched the self-propelled movement: 09.01C dedicated to the 30mm female watch case by Chopard Manufacture. The motors are used in Happy Sport Manufacture versions with pearl finish or Happy Sport Oval Automatic - Happy Sport Oval designs in the contemporary and innovative versions. With Happy Sport, Chopard is more creative than what a watch offers. It is freedom.

 17 years after the appearance of the Happy Diamonds logo, in 1993, Happy Sport was born to provide a watch-based sport of Happy Diamonds.

 17 years after the appearance of the Happy Diamonds logo, in 1993, Happy Sport was born to provide a watch-based sport of Happy Diamonds.


 The first version of Happy Sport in 1993.

 Happy Sport 1997.

 Happy Sport 150th Anniversary edition of Chopard - 2010.

 Happy Sport Tourbillon Joaillerie - 2012.

 Belonging to the Happy Sport Métier d'Art, the 2018 Happy Fish has a sapphire crystal finish that is based on the Chopard's snow-setting technique. The fish is made of pearls with ripples of gold and emits a soft blue when the night falls. The seven diamonds move on the sapphire surface like deep water bubbles.


Happy Palm - 2018 was inspired by the Cannes Film Festival that Chopard is the official partner. The pearl motif with palm motif is made using Urushi technique. Moving brushes are made of Fairmined gold. Behind the palm motif is engraved with Fleurisanne technology was born in the 19th century.

 Happy Sport 2018 is equipped with 09.01-C engine dedicated to 30mm watch case, with 4 versions: green face with diamond-coated steel; pink face with steel cover and 18K yellow gold; white face with 18K pink gold and white with 18K pink gold shell.


Happy Sport Oval - 2018 features the 09.01-C, with three versions of material and color.


The story is taken from the source of the stars of the Vietnamese press

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