Anglo-French-Americans launched 110 missiles into Syria


A total of 110 missiles have been launched by the Anglo-French alliance in several Damascus provinces. and Homs. Syrian airstrikes began at 3:55 am (local time).

Syrian army statement said the air defense system was "interceptor missiles majority but some still hit targets, among them research facilities in Barzeh". The announcement also confirmed the action against the Syrian authorities of Britain, France and the United States "will not deter the armed forces and the volunteer force support in the work of destroying all terrorist groups in Syrian territory ".

Statement by the Russian Defense Ministry on the same day also affirmed Syria's air defense system intercepted most of the strikes in the UK, France, US, Itar-Tass news agency said Russia's.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters, a source close to the Syrian government said the country's air force withstand coalition raids thanks to early warnings from Russia. According to this news agency, the US side was informed through the hotline to the Russian side intends to inform about the raid but did not disclose any details about the targets in Syria.

Leads by source PLO.VN

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